I bring more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications and management roles to my coaching sessions and workshops. Passionate about people, I love nothing better than helping both individuals and teams to shine. People are usually an organisation’s most valuable assets, and transformation from that level can be very powerful.

NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is a technique that explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and the patterns of our behaviour and emotions (programmes).

As an NLP Master Practitioner, I’m very honoured to be able to work with both businesses and individuals.

On a one-to-one level it is a very powerful and effective tool to: –

      • evolve leadership skills
      • boost personal confidence
      • improve personal impact
      • sharpen focus
      • identify & align goals & energy
      • improve communication & relationships
      • to encourage ‘bigger’ thinking

With teams and businesses there are also many dimensions of NLP such as: –

      • conflict resolution
      • modelling best outcomes
      • motivation patterns
      • team cohesion
      • influencing
      • behavioural change

While no two challenges are ever the same, there is a formula that will allow you to: –

      • understand what you really want with a clearly defined outcome
      • have personal awareness of what sits at the heart of the issue
      • understand the relationship between everyone and everything involved
      • re-programme your personal history or hit the ‘reset’ button
      • be set up for future success with new tools

For example, I have worked with people on: –

    • achieving promotion through personal confidence and re-programming fears of ‘speaking up’
    • overcoming OCD
    • anger management
    • improving the cohesion of a senior leadership team with a group values exercise
    • anxiety and stress
    • money mindset
    • goal setting
    • phobias and fears


I saw Natalie a few months ago to see if she could help an element of my OCD and I couldn’t be happier – a significant problem gone from my life!

Eloise Pepper
Eloise PepperStudent, Surrey

Natalie has an amazing impact on her clients. She has a warm and friendly nature and is extremely passionate about what she does.

Claire Linturn
Claire LinturnCreative Coaching Therapies

I felt as though I wasn’t progressing in my career. Natalie gave me the advice and support to change this and grow both my skills and confidence in my own abilities. She helped me gain a sense of direction again and as a result I achieved promotion.

Natalie McEwan
Natalie McEwanInternal Communications Consultant

I know I can trust Natalie to deliver coaching programmes and workshops that are memorable, practical and lasting.

Karen McKeever
Karen McKeeverKMcK Solutions

I had an NLP session with Natalie prior to a ski holiday to help me tackle a fear of chair lifts. I was amazed at the difference one session could make. By the end of the session I had learnt a technique to help me deal with the issues I had and I was able, for the first time, to enjoy a fulfilling fear-free ski holiday. The benefits of the session go beyond the holiday; I am able to use the strategy to guide me back to a positive state whenever I feel anxious. Natalie was engaging and an excellent communicator. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Karen Clarke
Karen ClarkeSandhurst, Berkshire