The Network Marketing Choice

In the short time I’ve spent in my amazing business I’ve made some incredible friendships, experienced enormous personal growth and met some impressive people. But, how do you choose where to start? Here are my top tips: –

  1. A product you can believe in. Work with a product you use and would enthusiastically recommend. Make it a category that you’re interested in.
  2. Products with broad appeal. Avoid products that only appeal to niche groups or aren’t relevant in today’s world. Choose something that appeals to as many people as possible.
  3. Products with long-term need. No fads, no fashion, find a product with a long-term need that will allow you to be paid for years to come.
  4. Unique. If you can buy it in a shop, move on. Look for something unique or that is of significantly higher quality than the next best alternative.
  5. Products with history. Look for something credible; perhaps backed by independent research. Perhaps from a company that can demonstrate long-term relationships with customers and distributors that will assure your income.
  6. Direct Selling Association. I really don’t recommend working with a company not registered with the DSA. This is important because: –
    • You are protected from having to invest lots of money
    • The company is financially sound
    • The company is obliged to buy back any excess stock should you leave
    • The company works within the code of conduct of the Direct Selling Association
  7. Low start-up cost & immediate profit opportunity. Aim for a low franchise fee (under £100) and make sure you can start earning commission straight away. No targets to hit first. No minimum monthly order values to meet.
  8. No stock to buy or deliveries to make. Choose something that doesn’t involve the cost of buying stock or starter kits. Also be wary of having to make deliveries yourself. After all, your time is precious and you don’t want to be limited by geographical area.
  9. Work and grow anywhere. Think about whether your product is limited to your home country, or whether you are able to attract customers and teamies from anywhere in the world.

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