Six ways to make your workspace more creative

I was lucky enough to be recently asked to contribute to a NatWest ContentLive article about creativity in the workplace.

As the article explains, creative employees find answers to problems of every shape and size; finding ways to spruce up the office can significantly boost your team’s thinking and productivity.

A 2014 study commissioned by Adobe found 82% of senior managers felt creative companies were more likely to gain tangible business benefits like revenue growth and market share. Conversely, only 11% of those questioned believed their current practices aligned perfectly with those of companies that were recognised for their creativity.

In other words, bosses know creativity is desirable but they’re not sure how to get there – and neither has it been made a priority.

One way to boost creativity is to build a workspace that subtly – or not so subtly – nudges your team into a more blue-sky frame of mind the second they walk in. Many businesses employ tactics of this nature, and most are easy and inexpensive to emulate.

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