Goal Mapping…Why Bother?

If you’ve had any kind of experience with job interviews, you’ll be aware that all too often it involves a process of mapping knowledge and technical skills against functional requirements. It’s a strange practice, because in reality you can hire 100 people and only 20 per cent of that sample will ‘excel’. The difference that makes the difference are attributes that are rarely assessed or quantified – drive, ambition and confidence.

But what are these driven, ambitious and confident people doing that sets them a few percentage points ahead of the crowd? The answer usually lies in their mindset.

I’m very honoured to have just certified as a Brian Mayne goal mapping practitioner – able to teach individuals, schools and businesses. I feel very passionately about being ‘on purpose’ and working towards clearly defined goals. Here are a couple of key points about why this is important: –

  • Your subconscious mind is always looking for a target to work towards
  • In the absence of a clear, positive goal, your subconscious will automatically select your most dominant thought
  • Have some awareness of your own thoughts and paradigms. Your systems of belief and your thoughts create mental pictures that your subconscious will steer you towards
  • Your thoughts can literally build neural pathways in the brain, so you become what you think about
  • The more you think the same thoughts, the stronger that neural pathway becomes and the more likely it is to become your default route – or path of least resistance
  • You might not be able to control factors external to you, but you can choose how to react to those circumstances
  • Your beliefs become the valve that turns your power on and off
  • When you are inspired you are naturally motivated and inspiration comes from purpose – working towards something bigger than you
  • Those with a strong sense of purpose, keep going even when the going gets tough.

Want to know how to get to your sense of purpose? Want to learn how to harness both your left and right brain towards your goals? Message me now for details of my next group workshop, or to arrange a personal session.